Caution / If such a message comes, don’t click by mistake, the bank account will be shattered

What is happening? Fraudsters need a strong reason to convince us that we need to install a remote access app in our bank details / OTP. Most of the time they give a reason for completing the KYC process of wallet or bank. Thugs can send a message to tens of thousands of people at a very low cost that they need to complete their KYC process. It is natural that one or the other of these people is using the said wallet or bank. They fall into the trap.

What to watch out for? Do not pay attention to SMS or other KYC related messages. Never call the number mentioned in it or install any app and do the transaction at the request of that person. If the KYC process of your wallet is really incomplete, the use of the wallet will stop very soon, but you will be able to avoid big losses.

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