Cricket IPL 2020 will change this year in Corona crisis, know this new rule

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IPL 2020 will start on September 19. The tournament is played in India in April-May every year. But Corona could make a big difference in the tournament this year. Corona was expected to cancel IPL 2020 this year but the IPL Governing Council has given it the green light after the tragedy. Along with this some new rules have been made which need to be known.

Do not use saliva

Saliva is commonly used in cricket to swing the ball. But due to the Corona virus, players will not get permission this time. The ICC has banned the use of saliva to brighten the ball due to corona. The team will be warned twice and the opposition will be given an extra 5 runs for the third time penalty. After the toss, the captains of both the teams will not be able to shake hands with each other.

Unlimited Corona Substitute

Unlimited Corona substitution has been arranged this time due to Corona transition. This means that if a player has a corona in the tournament, another player can be included instead. As a rule, a batsman can be replaced by a batsman and a bowler by a bowler.

Ball of the Third Empire

For the first time in the IPL, the no-ball rule is being introduced in the third umpire. The third umpire will now replace the field foot umpire with the bowler’s front foot no ball in the match. The rule was tried in the India West Indies ODI series last year.

The tournament will last 53 days

This time the IPL will be played for 53 days due to Corona. That means it will last 3 days longer than the last 2 seasons.

Double header

This time 10 days double header will be kept i.e. 10 days will be 2 matches in one day.

Match time

The timing of the match has also changed at this time. This time the match will start half an hour earlier i.e. at 7.30 pm. The first match will start at 3:30 pm on the day 2 matches will be played. The first match started at 8 pm and 4 pm.

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