Now this LPG cylinder can be purchased even without address proof, Learn the rule and easy way

Now the customer can buy a small lpg cylinder by showing his identity card. No address proof will be required to purchase the cylinder. This facility is available from Indian Oil Corporation or Indian Gas Agency.


You do not need to be bothered if you do not have an address proof paper. Without this document you can buy a cooking gas cylinder. The first rule was that only those who had an address proof could carry an LPG cylinder. Indian Oil Corporation, the country’s state-owned oil company, has scrapped the introduction of cooking gas addresses, giving relief to the common man. You can buy gas even if you do not have an address proof.

Let me tell you here that this relief is only for 5 kg cylinders and not for large gas cylinders, no change has been made in the rule which is already applicable for large cylinders. Speaking of small cylinders, any citizen of any country can buy a 5 kg cylinder for address proof. These cylinders are mostly used by people who do not have enough income. Address proof is required to get connection of large cylinder. This is why people living in cities who do not have their own permanent address use this cylinder more.

Buy cylinder from agency

It is also sold in small cylinder shops. No paper is required to buy it from here. But shopkeepers also sell cans at higher prices and refill empty cylinders at higher prices. These cylinders are not reliable. It has no gas agency symbol on it. You can go to a gas agency if you want to buy a genuine gas cylinder. The gas distribution agency sells such cylinders. Earlier, proof of address was required to purchase this cylinder but now it has been scrapped.

Get the cylinder by showing the identity card
Now the customer can buy a small cylinder even by showing the identity card. No proof of address is required to purchase this cylinder. This facility can be availed from Indian Oil Corporation or Inden Gas Agency. The gas agency sells small cylinders but the rupee is easily transacted. These gas agencies also do home delivery of small cylinders. In terms of price, a 5 kg cylinder costs Rs 257 in Delhi. This cylinder is enough for students living alone and the general public.

Book at home

You can also book it for refill in addition to buying from the agency. The way to book is also easy. You don’t have to go anywhere for this. That means you can book cylinders sitting at home. The Indian company has announced a special number 8454955555 for him. Apart from this you can also book this small cylinder by making a missed call from anywhere in the country. So with the help of WhatsApp you can also send a message to 7588888824 by typing refill. Your cylinder will be booked. Apart from this you can also book the cylinder by calling 7718955555.

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