This new app like ZOOM brought by Reliance, will be able to communicate with 100 people together

Reliance’s Jio platform today launched its own video conferencing app JioMeet. The app is available on Google Play and iPhone’s Play Store. The peculiarity of this video call app is that it will have HD quality and 100 people can make video conference calls at a time. JioMeet will be working on a beta version in users’ phones by next month.

Reliance launches new app

The JioMeet app is able to talk to up to 100 people at once
The app will be available on Google Play and iPhone’s Play Store

Reliance today launched its JioMeet app for both Android and Apple. Up to 100 people can do video conferencing together on this app. It does not require any code or invitations to initiate a call, people who want to use this app from desktop have to click on JioMeet’s invite link. No need to download the app for that.

Learn more about JioMeet

This app also has some other special features. Which you can use to schedule your meeting. Can share a screen with a Mac. This video conferencing platform can also be used on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. There is no charge for this. This app is completely free.

What is the process of downloading this app?

To use this app on mobile, first go to Google Play Store or iPhone’s App Store. Search the JioMeet app here and download it.

If you want to use this app on desktop you can click on this link. Here you will find the option to download it.

Geo Platforms announced on April 30 that it would launch a video calling service.

The video conferencing app was launched at a time when most people are working from home due to the spread of the Corona virus. With this app, Geo platforms will compete with Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx.

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